About Me

Who is titchy kid?

That’s easy, I am. It’s something my Pa called me for as long as I can remember. It means little or tiny and I was always one of the titchiest kids around. I am still pretty little but titchy adult just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Who am I?

DSC_4736_edited-1I’m a mum, part time accounts assistant and instinctive photographer. I am also known as Jo Clear. I like vintage cars, Dr Who and collecting tea cups. I don’t like olives, zombies or cold weather.

One of the most coveted skills I bring to my job in finance is ‘attention to detail’ and I have it in spades, sometimes to the point of being a bit pedantic! It’s also very a handy skill to have in photography.

I have always loved the Paul Kelly lyrics “from little things big things grow.” I believe that is what our lives are, a series of little things that make a big picture. Sure big things happen, huge things happen. But it’s those little things that we really treasure. I want catch those little things in photos so they can be kept and remembered forever.

I started taking photos at the parties of friends kids and they were really happy to get a bunch of photos of their day and would often say things like, “it’s great to get a photo of all of us together” and “I don’t have time to take any photos when I host our parties, I am too busy doing everything else.”

After thirteen years in finance I am throwing caution to the wind. Well, actually I don’t really do caution to the wind, I have been very measured and careful about what I am doing but that isn’t as exciting as.. throwing caution to the wind, chasing the dream by making a living from something I am passionate and excited about.

Enjoy a meander through my work and I hope to catch some of your memories one day.